woensdag 31 december 2008

Doelen in Gaza

Via Ratna een lijst die inzicht geeft in wat de doelen waren van de aanval op Gaza.
Hieronder een lijst van getroffen doelen door Israel.

IDF Spokesperson Dec 30th, 2008

Hamas Tunnel Network Targeted in the Southern Gaza Strip
Additional Hamas Targets Struck Throughout the Day

A short while ago, the IAF attacked dozens of tunnels in the Rafah area
which are a part of the tunnel network used by the Hamas terror
organization.  These tunnels were used for smuggling weapons as part of
their terror activity in the Gaza Strip. Accurate hits were reported.

The tunnel network was also used for the passage of terror activists from
Egypt to the Gaza Strip and back. These tunnels play a major role in
supplying Hamas with the means of strengthening its ability to carry out

Thirty additional targets throughout the Gaza Strip were also attacked
today, including tunnels along the northern and southern Gaza strip, seven
Grad and five Qassam rocket launchers, rocket launching cells, rocket
launching sites, weapons manufacturing facilities, Hamas outposts, and armed
terror operatives.

Secondary explosions were seen in many of the attacks proving the presence
of large amounts of ordinance, explosive materials, and weapons in the area.

Israel also transferred dozens of human aid trucks into the Gaza Strip
through the Kerem Shalom Crossing.

The IDF will continue operating against terror and anyone involved,
including those sponsoring and hosting terror, and those who send innocent
woman and children to be used as human shields.

IDF Spokesperson December 30, 2008
Summary of events overnight
Israeli air and naval forces attacked dozens of Hamas targets throughout the
Gaza Strip during the early morning hours on Tuesday.
The targets included three buildings in the Hamas government complex in the
Tel Al-Hawa neighborhood, Hamas training camps and outposts, stations held
by the Islamist group's naval force, a vehicle transporting a stockpile of
Grad missiles, rocket launchers, a weaponry manufacturing facility and sites
used as headquarters by terror cells.
Two civilians and an IDF soldier were killed, and several civilians and
soldiers were wounded from rocket and mortar attacks on Israel since Monday.
In all, more than 70 rockets and mortar shells were launched from the Gaza
Strip during that time.
Due to the incessant rocket attacks against Israeli towns, the IDF Home
Front Command has revised and expanded its emergency directives for Tuesday
to include all communities within a 30 kilometer radius of the Gaza Strip.
The instructions call for all schools to remain closed, the limiting of 100
individuals per fortified shelter and the discouraging of large gatherings

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