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Nieuwe Hamas pop verklaart Zionisten de oorlog in kinderprogramma

 Is het op dergelijke manier aanzetten tot geweld en haat niet ook een oorlogsmisdaad?
Palestinian Media Watch
Feb. 15, 2009
Hamas puppet: I declare war on the Zionists
After having three puppet hosts, the Mickey Mouse look-alike, the bee and the rabbit, all die on TV, Hamas children's television has introduced a fourth puppet host. The new one, a bear named Nassur, appeared Friday on Hamas TV promising to be a Jihad fighter, and declaring war on the Zionists.

To see Nassur declare war on the Zionists click here

Below is the full transcript of the video:

Nassur: "I will join the ranks of the Izz A-Din Al-Qassam [Hamas'] Brigades. I will be a Jihad fighter with them and I will carry a rifle. Do you know why, Saraa?"
Saraa: "Why?"
Nassur: "To defend the children of Palestine, the children who were killed, the children who were wounded, the orphaned children. That's why, from this moment, I declare war on the criminal Zionists. Not only me, me and you. You are ready, right, Saraa?"
Saraa: "We are all ready to sacrifice ourselves for our homeland!"
[Al-Aqsa TV, Feb. 13, 2009]


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