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Egypte niet, maar Israel wel aangesproken door Ban KI-Moon

Zoals bekend bouwt Egypte een dertig meter diepe ijzeren muur in de grond op de grens van Gaza en Egypte.
Ook wordt scherper toezicht gehouden op de smokkeltunnels vanuit Egypte.
Op 31 december staat een vreedzame protestmars gepland via Egypte naar Gaza. Er zullen 1300 (toeval dit aantal?) vredesactivisten aan deelnemen. Zij willen zich in Gaza aansluiten bij de protestmars tegen de afgrendeling in Gaza.
Egypte weigert echter mee te werken en de activisten mogen niet via Egypte langs deze route Gaza in.
Omdat een jaar geleden opratie Cast Lead plaats vond is deze mars gepland en om die zelfde reden heeft Ban Ki-Moon een verklaring afgegeven. Daarin hekelt hij de Israelische blokkade, maar met geen woord wordt er over Egypte gerept. Dat is toch erg merkwaardig als bedacht wordt dat ook Egypte gedeeltelijk aan Gaza grenst en totale blokkade alleen mogelijk is als Egypte daaraan meewerkt. Kent Ban Ki-Moon de geografische ligging van Gaza soms niet?
Wel heeft hij inmiddels door dat Hamas geen echt prettig bewind voert in Gaza, want die worden ook aangesproken.
Hij hekelt hun schending van het internationale recht, hun gewelddadig optreden en hun strijd met Fatah.
Het blijft vreemd dat Egypte onopgemerkt blijft.

Ban: Year after war, sense of hopelessness in Gaza

On one year anniversary of Operation Cast Lead, UN chief issues statement calling for end to 'unacceptable' Israeli blockade, says residents of coastal enclave denied basic human rights

Yitzhak Benhorin

Published:  12.27.09, 08:18 / Israel News

WASHINGTON – UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon on Sunday said he was deeply concerned that a year after the outbreak of Operation Cast Lead "neither the issues that led to this conflict nor its worrying aftermath are being addressed."


"Very few of the key elements for stability, as identified in Security Council resolution 1860, have been implemented. While violence has been at lower levels this year, incidents continue and there is no durable ceasefire in place," Ban said in an official statement released on the one year anniversary of Israel's war with Hamas.

The quality and quantity of humanitarian supplies entering Gaza is insufficient, broader economic and reconstruction activity is paralyzed, and the people of Gaza are denied basic human rights. Efforts are being made to combat illicit trafficking of weapons, but smuggling continues. Egypt has tirelessly worked for Palestinian unity, but without a breakthrough so far," the statement read.

According to the secretary-general, there is a "sense of hopelessness in Gaza today for 1.5 million Palestinians, half of whom are under eighteen. Their fate and the well-being of Israelis are intimately connected. "

Ban continued to say that a "fundamentally different" approach to Gaza is urgently required, and called on Israel to "end the unacceptable and counterproductive blockade of Gaza, facilitate economic activity and civilian reconstruction, and fully respect and uphold international law."

Addressing Hamas, the UN chief urged the Islamist group to "bring an end to violence and fully respect and uphold international law," and called on all Palestinians to "work for unity and elections within the framework of the legitimate Palestinian Authority."

In conclusion, Ban said, "Today’s anniversary is a reminder of the bitter consequences of the continuing Israeli-Palestinian conflict, to which there is and can be no military solution.

The urgent priority of all Israeli and Palestinian leaders, the region, and the international community as a whole must be the achievement of a two State solution," he said."

Peace activists to march to Gaza through Egypt

International activists plan to enter blockaded Gaza Strip through Rafah crossing next week. Egypt refuses, says will prevent passage due to 'sensitive situation'


Published:  12.27.09, 09:46 / Israel News
International activists planning to enter Gaza from Egypt for a march appealed to President Hosni Mubarak on Saturday to allow them to enter the blockaded enclave through the Rafah crossing.
Organisers of the Gaza Freedom March had earlier said they would try to defy the ban after Egypt turned down their request to pass through Rafah, the Gaza Strip's only crossing that bypasses Israel.
"We plead to you to let the Gaza Freedom March continue so that we can join the Palestinians of Gaza to march together on December 31," the activists said in a statement addressed to Mubarak.
Egypt said it would prevent their passage because of the "sensitive situation" in Gaza and warned Monday of legal repercussions for anyone defying the ban.
Around 1,300 international delegates from 42 countries have signed up to join the Gaza Freedom March which was due to enter Gaza via Egypt during the last week of December.
On the morning of December 31, participants were due to join Palestinians "in a non-violent march from northern Gaza to the Erez/Israeli border," organisers said on their website.

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