dinsdag 31 januari 2012

Defense for Children International en de minderjarige Palestijnse gevangenen

De Algemeiner is een Amerikaans-Joodse krant. De onderstaande scepsis over Defense for Children International lijkt wel gerechtvaardigd.


The Guardian and the Australian Use Suspect Sources in Israel Child Abuse Story

January 26, 2012 3:00 pm


The Guardian recently highlighted Israel’s treatment of Palestinian minors in two articles written by Harriet Sherwood.

The first piece published on January 22, 2012, mentions that minors are accused of throwing stones and flinging Molotov cocktails, but Sherwood does not consider these to be “weapons” or “serious offenses”. Several Israelis have been killed and numerous others injured by Palestinian stone throwing.

The second article published on January 23, 2012, refers to British government concerns about Israel’s treatment of Palestinian minors, including criticism of Israel by Labour MP Sandra Osborne who is seen here with Hamas PM Ismail Haniyeh.

Most of the details of alleged abuse come from Defense for Children International (DCI) which was also the main source for similar articles in The Australian written by John Lyons, discussed in greater length below. Sherwood’s article also refers to a report conducted by B’Tselem.

According to the B’Tselem report, out of 835 Palestinian minors arrested and tried in military courts in the West Bank from 2005 to 2010 on charges of stone throwing all but one were found guilty. That number is in stark contrast to the material provided by Israel’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs (IMFA) and the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) which shows that the conviction rate was 62.8% for 2009, 57.3%, in 2010 and 58.62% in 2011.

Sherwood claims that “few parents are told where their children have been taken. Minors are rarely questioned in the presence of a parent, and rarely see a lawyer before or during initial interrogation. Most are detained inside Israel, making family visits very difficult.” According to material provided by IMFA and the IDF, the recently approved Amendment 10 to the Security Order (Judea and Samaria) 5771-2011 provides all minors under the age of 18 with a court-appointed defense attorney, the presence of a parent or relative during every hearing and the notification of a parent about any investigation. The amendment was made on September 27, 2011, about 4 months prior to Sherwood’s article.

Both articles by Harriet Sherwood claim that Israel could be in breach of the Fourth Geneva convention but the Fourth Geneva convention does not place any obligation on Israel to apply Israeli civil law in the West Bank.

In July 20, 2011, she was in a boat off Gaza reporting on fishing restrictions enforced by Israel due to security reasons, where she tweeted that Israeli gunboats were preventing them from going further out to sea. However, according to her own GPS coordinates, she was outside the 3 mile permitted zone.

A detailed analysis of 138 articles written by Harriet Sherwood shows a clear pro-Palestinian, anti-Israel slant.

Former Guardian columnist Julie Burchill confirmed there was “striking bias against the state of Israel” at the Guardian and Honest Reporting awarded The Guardian its 2011 “Dishonest Reporting Award” due to at least 10 incidents of misleading anti-Israel coverage.

The Australian

John Lyons is the Middle East correspondent for The Australian and in an article he penned entitled, “Stone Cold Justice“, Lyons states that Palestinian child prisoners are treated differently from those in Israel.

According to Israel’s Foreign Ministry spokesperson Yigal Palmor, “Israel is obliged under international law to apply to the West Bank the legal system that was in place before it became occupied in 1967, so it is therefore neither surprising, nor a cause for outside international concern, that the rules for minors accused of offenses there are different to those in Israel proper.” Sandra Osborne, also mentioned in the Guardian articles

The article publishes a statement from British MP Sandra Osborne, also mentioned in the Guardian articles who claims that “… A whole generation is criminalized through this process.”According to Australia/Israel & Jewish Affairs Council executive director Colin Rubenstein, the reason Palestinian minors are jailed, and Israeli civilians are injured or killed is because of “the exploitation and indoctrination of children by both Palestinian terror groups and by the Palestinian Authority official education system and media.”

John Lyons has a history of writing articles critical of Israel. In this November 2010 article, he blames Israel for the failure of the peace process. In another June 2010 article, he claims there is a food shortage in Gaza and that Israel is responsible for it. The fact is that Israel allowed over a million tons of humanitarian aid to enter Gaza from January 18, 2009 to June 5, 2010.

The main source for the article was Defense for Children International (DCI) represented by Australian lawyer, Gerald Horton. Despite the name of the organization, there is no mention on its website of Israeli children who suffer due to rockets from Gaza and Palestinian suicide bombings. However, Defense for Children International does have a separate and comprehensive Palestinian website which details alleged abuses committed by Israel.

DCI’s president, Rifat Odeh Kassis, is a Palestinian who supports the Boycott, Disinvestment and Sanctions (BDS) campaign against Israel. DCI calls on Israel to recognize the right of return for Palestinian refugees, supports the Goldstone Report and called for sanctions against Israel after the Gaza flotilla incident. In addition, the group accused the Israeli military of committing war crimes in Gaza and published a list of Palestinian children killed in the conflict that was later contradicted by Palestinian sources.

According to DCI-Palestine’s annual report, revenues in 2010 were $1.2 million. Its funding comes almost exclusively from European countries. Board member Shahwan Jabarin, had been denied entry into Israel and Jordan due to his past involvement with the Palestinian Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP) terrorist group.

Other sources John Lyons used for his article include Yesh Din, No Legal Frontiers and Breaking the Silence. According to Emily Schaeffer, a lawyer employed by Yesh Din, “Yesh Din was founded to use law as a tool to fight the Israeli occupation of the Palestinian territories.” No Legal Frontiers does not list its funding sources or staff. but it’s newsfeed prior to 2011 was based on DCI-Palestine reports. Breaking the Silence receives the majority of its funding from foreign sources and accused the Israeli military of committing “war crimes” in Gaza.

Kevin Rudd is the current foreign minister and former prime minister of Australia. Following the publication of Lyons’s article, Rudd instructed “Australian diplomats in Israel to take up the matter with Israeli authorities.”

Rudd has “echoed the call of US President Barack Obama in May, calling for two states divided along 1967 borders, with appropriate land swaps.” He also wants Australia to abstain from a possible United Nations vote on Palestinian statehood. This may be seen as an attempt to gain support from Muslim countries for “Australia’s campaign to gain a temporary seat on the UN Security Council.” Several prominent Australian politicians expressed concern after Australia changed its voting record at the UN in November 2011. Australia abstained from two anti-Israel resolutions and voted in favor of a third resolution that was critical of Israel.

Despite asking Israel for concessions, Kevin Rudd has not made similar demands from the Palestinians. He also criticized Israel’s decision to build 1100 new homes in the Jerusalem suburb of Gilo. He has asked Israel to adhere to the Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT) and subject Israel’s nuclear facility to IAEA inspections. Rudd had also expelled “an official from the Israeli Embassy in Canberra over the Dubai passports affair.”

John Lyons could not be reached for comment. At the time of publication, Kevin Rudd’s office and The Australian, had not responded to the Algemeiner’s request for comment.


donderdag 26 januari 2012

Veroordeling van opruiende toespraak Palestijnse moefti is 'opruiing' volgens PA


Vorige week vloog de mufti van de Palestijnse Autoriteit flink uit de bocht met zijn oproep de Joden te doden. De kritiek die hierop kwam leidde er echter niet toe dat de Palestijnse Autoriteit (de mufti is door Abbas persoonlijk benoemd) hem duidelijk maakt dat dit niet acceptabel is, of, beter nog, hem de laan uitstuurt. Nee, hij wordt in bescherming genomen en de Israelische kritiek is ‘opruiing tegen de Palestijnse nationale en religieuze leiders’, het zijn ‘beledigingen van de Palestijnse religieuze symbolen’ en men noemde de Israelische veroordelingen ‘een grove aanval op Sheikh Hussein en een schending van het internationale recht’. Bij de Palestijnen is iedere kritiek een schending van hun rechten, symbolen en volk, en een belediging van alle moslims en hun heilige Jeruzalem, maar de manier waarop ze de volkomen gerechtvaardigde Israelische kritiek wegzetten als betrof het hier de grofste mensenrechtenschendingen, overtrof mijn verwachtingen. Het spreekt natuurlijk ook boekdelen over al die duizenden andere Palestijnse aantijgingen van het meest vreselijke wangedrag door Israel. Misschien kunnen Westerse journalisten, politici en mensenrechtengroeperingen deze eens iets kritischer gaan bekijken?





PA Chairman of the Supreme Council for Shari'ah Law, Sheikh Yusuf Ida'is:

"Chairman of the Supreme Council for Shari'ah Law, Sheikh Yusuf Ida'is, emphasized that the decision by the occupation Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, to open an investigation against the Mufti of Jerusalem and the Palestinian territories and speaker at the Al-Aqsa Mosque, Sheikh Muhammad Hussein, is an insult to Muslims, an escalation of Israeli measures against our people, and an attempt to silence and intimidate the voice that defends Jerusalem and the Al-Aqsa Mosque. Ida'is emphasized that our people will not agree to insults to its religious authorities and symbols. He described Netanyahu's call as a political step designed to strengthen the occupation with its discriminatory laws, and as a dangerous precedent that joins the occupation's [other] precedents and repeated violations. He declared the occupation fully responsible for [protecting] Sheikh Muhammad Hussein's life. Idai's called for restraint of the official and unofficial Israeli mouthpieces which incite against Palestinian religious and national leaders. He demanded of the Islamic and Christian sources of authority around the world, legal institutions, and international human rights organizations to denounce the brutal attack against Sheikh Hussein, since it runs contrary to international law."

[Emphasis added, Al-Hayat Al-Jadida, Jan. 24, 2012]






International condemnation of PA Mufti 

following PMW exposure of religious hate speech

PA rejects condemnation as "incitement"


by Itamar Marcus and Nan Jacques Zilberdik

Palestinian Media Watch's exposure of the PA Mufti's speech citing the Islamic tradition (Hadith) that anticipates the killing of Jews by Muslims has brought Israeli and international condemnation of the Mufti and the Palestinian Authority.

The PA has rejected this international condemnation, calling PMW's exposure of the story and the responses "incitement" against Palestinian leaders, and called for "international human rights organizations to denounce the brutal attack against [Mufti] Sheikh Hussein, since it runs contrary to international law."

The following are some of the Israeli and international condemnations of the PA Mufti followed by a senior PA religious leader's rejection of the condemnations as "incitement," and the NY Times' coverage of the story:

Israeli President Shimon Peres to Justice Minister:

"President Shimon Peres met with Justice Minister Yaakov Ne'eman and asked him to take steps against the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem Sheikh Mohammed Hussein who called to kill Jews. 'Israel's law enforcement must use all means to prevent such calls,' said Peres."

[JPost.com, Jan. 23, 2012]

Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu:

"The call to murder Jews simply because they are Jews is terrible from an ethical point-of-view and is an obstacle to peace. Incitement in general is an obstacle to peace. What is especially serious is that as of today, not only has the Palestinian Authority neither condemned nor taken exception to the remarks, it enabled them to be broadcast on official Palestinian television. I expect senior PA officials to condemn this act."


Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu, in the Israeli Parliament:

"Today, most governments around the world are silent in the face of calls by the Palestinian mufti to kill Jews simply because they are Jews. What is most chilling is the fact that there is here a legacy of hatred and annihilation because this mufti is following in the footsteps of that previous mufti. [Mufti] Haj Amin al-Husseini was one of the architects of the Final Solution."


UK Minister for the Middle East Alistair Burt:

"I condemn the inflammatory words used by the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem and others at a recent event marking the 47th anniversary of the Fatah movement. To refer to the Jewish people in such a way and to talk of killing Jews is anti-semitism, pure and simple."


Americans for Peace Now:

"Americans for Peace Now strongly condemns the belligerent anti-Jewish comments made by the Palestinian Authority's Mufti of Jerusalem at a public event in the West Bank earlier this month... 'We are appalled by these comments, coming from the most senior Muslim cleric on the Palestinian Authority's payroll,' said Debra DeLee, APN's President and CEO. DeLee added, 'What we find particularly disturbing is that these vile comments were broadcast on the Palestinian Authority's official television channel, amplifying their inciting affect.'"


PA Chairman of the Supreme Council for Shari'ah Law, Sheikh Yusuf Ida'is:

"Chairman of the Supreme Council for Shari'ah Law, Sheikh Yusuf Ida'is, emphasized that the decision by the occupation Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, to open an investigation against the Mufti of Jerusalem and the Palestinian territories and speaker at the Al-Aqsa Mosque, Sheikh Muhammad Hussein, is an insult to Muslims, an escalation of Israeli measures against our people, and an attempt to silence and intimidate the voice that defends Jerusalem and the Al-Aqsa Mosque. Ida'is emphasized that our people will not agree to insults to its religious authorities and symbols. He described Netanyahu's call as a political step designed to strengthen the occupation with its discriminatory laws, and as a dangerous precedent that joins the occupation's [other] precedents and repeated violations. He declared the occupation fully responsible for [protecting] Sheikh Muhammad Hussein's life. Idai's called for restraint of the official and unofficial Israeli mouthpieces which incite against Palestinian religious and national leaders. He demanded of the Islamic and Christian sources of authority around the world, legal institutions, and international human rights organizations to denounce the brutal attack against Sheikh Hussein, since it runs contrary to international law."

[Emphasis added, Al-Hayat Al-Jadida, Jan. 24, 2012] 


The following is the Mufti's words at the Fatah event that show the context in which he cited the Hadith, followed by excerpts from The NY Times:

Moderator at Fatah ceremony:

"Our war with the descendants of the apes and pigs (i.e., Jews) is a war of religion and faith.

Long Live Fatah! [I invite you,] our honorable Sheikh."

PA Mufti Muhammad Hussein comes to the podium and says:

"47 years ago the [Fatah] revolution started. Which revolution? The modern revolution of the Palestinian people's history. In fact, Palestine in its entirety is a revolution, since [Caliph] Umar came [to conquer Jerusalem, 637 CE], and continuing today, and until the End of Days. The reliable Hadith (tradition attributed to Muhammad), [found] in the two reliable collections, Bukhari and Muslim, says:

"The Hour [of Resurrection] will not come until you fight the Jews.

The Jew will hide behind stones or trees.

Then the stones or trees will call:

'Oh Muslim, servant of Allah, there is a Jew behind me, come and kill him.'

Except the Gharqad tree [which will keep silent]."

Therefore it is no wonder that you see Gharqad [trees] surrounding the [Israeli] settlements and colonies. This is Palestine, when we talk about it, from the beginning of the Jihad, with the continuation of the Jihad, with the struggle, and with the way of the Martyrs."

[PA TV (Fatah), Jan. 9, 2012]

Click to view

Following PMW's exposure, the Mufti and PA's Minister of Religious Affairs defended the Mufti's quoting of the Hadith, saying it was merely a quote from an Islamic source, not intended to incite to hatred, and not relevant for today's context. However, the Mufti's words introducing the Hadith and following the quote clearly shows that he intended to apply the Hadith about Muslims killing Jews within the context of today's conflict.

New York Times:

"Prime minister of Israel, Benjamin Netanyahu, called on the leaders of the Palestinian Authority to condemn remarks by its top cleric, Sheikh Muhammad Hussein, who recently recited an ancient Islamic text at a ceremony broadcast on Palestinian Authority television advising that Judgment Day will come only when the Muslims fight and kill the Jews.

"Whoever wants peace should not permit such incitement and should not allow calls to murder Jews," Mr. Netanyahu said Monday. ...

The mufti of Jerusalem, Sheikh Hussein, addressed a crowd at an event marking the 47th anniversary of the founding of Fatah, the mainstream movement led by the Palestinian Authority president, Mahmoud Abbas. He quoted a hadith, a saying attributed to the Prophet Muhammad, stating: "The Hour will not come until you fight the Jews. The Jews will hide behind stones or trees. Then the stones or trees will call: Oh Muslim, servant of Allah, there is a Jew behind me, come and kill him." ...

Mr. Netanyahu described the words of the mufti of Jerusalem, Sheikh Hussein, as "morally heinous" and compared the remarks to those of Haj Amin al-Husseini, the grand mufti of Jerusalem who notoriously aligned himself with Hitler in the 1930s. Palestinian television broadcast the mufti's comments on Jan. 9 and Palestinian Media Watch, an Israeli monitoring group, drew attention to them on Jan. 15. An Israeli official said that the prime minister became aware of it only in the past few days.

The mufti denied calling for the killing of Jews, telling Israel Radio on Sunday that he was only quoting the words of the Prophet Muhammad. He told Voice of Palestine radio on Monday that "these allegations come within the Israeli incitement campaign against Jerusalem and its figures."






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Als Israel iets goed doet, kan het niet deugen


Onlangs ben ik uitgebreid ingegaan op de zogenaamde ‘pinkwashing’ aantijging en het fenomeen dat Israel juist wordt bekritiseerd om de goede dingen die het doet. Het is één ding wanneer mensen Israels wandaden overdrijven en uit hun contekst halen, maar wanneer je een land ook gaat bekritiseren wanneer het slachtoffers van een aardbeving helpt, zieke kinderen geneest, zorgt dat de gezondheidszorg goed geregeld is of homo’s goed behandelt, dan zit er toch een klein steekje los. In de woorden van Elder:


In other words, there really are people out there who would prefer that a few more Japanese would die than to have Israel save them.

They wouldn't admit it, of course, but it is a fair bet that anyone who ever uses the term "XXXwashing" in a derogatory way towards Israel is, deep down, one of these who would prefer to see the victims of disasters die than have to deal with Israel saving their lives.


Het ongelofelijke is dat ‘pinkwashing’ inmiddels al een begrip is dat respectabele kranten als het NRC haalt.

Elder voorspelde onlangs dat ook de crosswashing in opkomst is. Immers, in Israel neemt het aantal christenen toe terwijl hun aantal onder de Palestijnse Autoriteit juist afneemt. Dat doet Israel vast expres, om de Palestijnen de schuld te kunnen geven.





Here's some "quake-washing"


From the IDF:

Lt. Col. Dr. Ofir Cohen-Marom receives a delegation from Japan that came to Israel to thank the IDF for their efforts in helping the residents of Minamisanriku, Japan after it was devastated by a heavy earthquake in April 2011.


There are real people out there whose blood boils when they see photos and stories like this. They would prefer that Israel never does anything admirable, because to them, demonization of the Jewish state is their entire raison d'etre, and this stuff makes it harder. for them to do their job.

In other words, there really are people out there who would prefer that a few more Japanese would die than to have Israel save them.

They wouldn't admit it, of course, but it is a fair bet that anyone who ever uses the term "XXXwashing" in a derogatory way towards Israel is, deep down, one of these who would prefer to see the victims of disasters die than have to deal with Israel saving their lives.


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Nederland en Israel: ongezonde vriendschap volgens Trouw (IMO)

Nederland en Israel: ongezonde vrienschap volgens Trouw

IMO Blog, 2012


Trouw (donderdag 19 jan.) hekelt in haar hoofdredactionele commentaar de in haar ogen te kritiekloze houding van Nederland tegenover Israel. Het is een veelgehoord geluid tegenwoordig. Israel zou de stichting van een Palestijnse staat 'eindeloos uitstellen', Oost Jeruzalem verder annexeren, en een Palestijnse staat onmogelijk maken, en Rutte zou dit beleid aanmoedigen. Netanjahoe kwam, aldus Trouw, naar Nederland om ons te bedanken voor de steun in internationale organen, zoals de VN Algemene Vergadering en de UNESCO.

Daarmee beloont Nederland geen fout beleid van Israel, maar verzet zich tegen fout beleid van de VN. De Palestijnse strategie om zaken buiten onderhandelingen met Israel om te regelen, en Israel zo voor voldongen feiten te plaatsen, werkt averechts en daarmee ondermijnt men de onderhandelingen. Abbas is daarover zelf heel expliciet geweest; hij kan het zich permitteren zich in de onderhandelingen zo onverzoenlijk op te stellen omdat hij op brede steun in de VN en de EU kan rekenen. De noodzaak pijnlijke concessies te doen aan Israel in ruil voor bijvoorbeeld een bouwstop, overdracht van meer gebieden en meer bevoegdheden, is niet nodig nu de rest van de wereld deze zaken (en meer) van Israel verlangt als eenzijdige concessie. Het was dus verstandig van Nederland om deze strategie niet te steunen en een tegenstem te laten horen bij de VN en UNESCO.

De UNESCO staat overigens bekend om haar eenzijdige pro-Arabische beleid. Zo hekelde men Israelische werkzaamheden en archeologisch onderzoek bij de Mughrabi brug toen die in 2007 ingestort was, ook al is die ca. 60 meter van de Al Aqsa Moskee verwijderd en had deze op geen enkele manier in gevaar gebracht. Arabische werkzaamheden in de Tempelberg waarbij unieke Joodse artefacten bij het afval werden gedumpt negeerde zij echter. Ook heeft zij Rachels graf bij Bethlehem als moskee erkend (sinds 1996 pas zo genoemd door de Palestijnen) en dat gelijk gesteld met de millennia-oude Joodse betekenis van die plaats. UNESCO werkte verder ook mee aan de promotie van Oost Jeruzalem als culturele hoofdstad van de Arabische wereld. Daarmee werd de exclusief Arabische claim op dit deel van de stad, waar eeuwenoude Joodse gemeenschappen in 1948 met geweld werden verdreven, versterkt en de Joodse geschiedenis weggepoetst. Recentelijk bleek bovendien in een tijdschrift voor Palestijnse tieners dat UNESCO meefinancierde propaganda voor Hitler te staan. Kortom, de UNESCO is, alle mooie woorden ten spijt, helaas verworden tot een anti-Israelisch propaganda instituut.

Trouw zit er op meer punten naast. Israel annexeert geen delen van Oost Jeruzalem, maar heeft dat al in 1980 gedaan met de basiswet over Jeruzalem, zodat de gehele stad nu onder Israelisch civiel bestuur valt. Alle Arabieren die er woonden is het Israelische staatsburgerschap aangeboden, maar dat weigerden de meesten. Daarom hebben ze nu een 'residentie' status en mogen wel voor de lokale verkiezingen stemmen maar niet voor de Knesset. Ze kunnen vrij reizen door Israel en delen in de sociale voorzieningen, en daarom wil een grote meerderheid geen inwoner worden van een te vormen Palestijnse staat. Er worden overigens ook geregeld Joodse huizen afgebroken in Jeruzalem, en Arabische gebouwd, dus de idee dat Israel de Arabieren wegpest en zo de stad verder 'verjoodst' is een mythe. Er wordt wel meer in West Jeruzalem geïnvesteerd, en omdat veel Arabieren de lokale verkiezingen boycotten zijn ze niet goed vertegenwoordigd.

Trouw wijst er tot slot op dat Netanjahoe zelf gezegd zou hebben dat het conflict onoplosbaar is en hij er daarom niet zijn best voor doet. Dat mag zo zijn, maar geldt evenzeer voor Abbas, die zich in de Washington Post in 2009 in vergelijkbare bewoordingen uitliet. Beide partijen pretenderen dat de tijd aan hun kant staat en dat de ander met concessies over de brug moet komen. Achter de schermen lijkt men elkaar soms desondanks te zijn genaderd, zoals in 2008 toen Olmert de Palestijnen een vergaand voorstel deed, waarop nooit een duidelijke reactie kwam. Uit de Palestine Papers bleek dat de Palestijnen zelf ook met vergaande voorstellen waren gekomen, maar weigerden erover door te praten: het was slikken of stikken.

Het is daarnaast verontrustend dat de PA via haar eigen media een heel ander geluid laat horen, en terroristen nog steeds als helden worden geëerd. Zo werden Joden onlangs in een preek die op het officiële PA TV station werd uitgezonden de bron van alle kwaad genoemd. Ook riep de moefti van de PA nog op 9 januari op tot genocide op de Joden door de moslims, verwijzend naar een Hadith.

Netanjahoe zei donderdagavond in Nieuwsuur dat wanneer de veiligheid van Israel wordt gewaarborgd, er veel mogelijk is en de Palestijnen een grote kans laten liggen door niet te willen praten zonder voorwaarden vooraf. Ook zei hij dat beide partijen natuurlijk hun voorwaarden hebben waar een vredesverdrag aan moet voldoen, maar dat je die tijdens de onderhandelingen bespreekt. Dat klinkt plausibel, en het is zeker niet gebruikelijk dat juist de zwakkere partij met steeds weer nieuwe eisen en voorwaarden komt aanzetten voordat er überhaupt gepraat kan worden. Dat Israel ondertussen doorbouwt op land waar de Palestijnen een staat willen stichten is inderdaad niet erg bemoedigend, maar er is een bouwstop geweest buiten Jeruzalem en ook die heeft de Palestijnen niet tot onderhandelen gebracht. En Oost Jeruzalem al op voorhand 'weggeven' is voor Israel terecht onaanvaardbaar. Naast een bouwstop eist Abbas bovendien dat Israel op voorhand de pre-1967 wapenstilstandslijn als grens accepteert, en soms komt hij met nog andere eisen aanzetten, zoals het vrijlaten van een aantal gevangenen en wat al niet meer. Netanyahu wees er in het interview donderdag ook op dat een bouwstop tijdens eerdere besprekingen geen voorwaarde vooraf was. Ikzelf zou zeggen, dat wanneer de Palestijnen een bouwstop eisen, daar dan ook een voorwaarde vooraf van Israel tegenover mag staan, zoals erkenning als Joodse staat of echt eens een einde aan de opruiing en verering van kindermoordenaars in Palestijnse (PA gecontroleerde) media.

Ratna Pelle

donderdag 19 januari 2012

Jerusalem Post over Trouw artikel prenatale zorg


Het begon met een artikel vol afgekloven cliches over het Joodse volk en Israel in Trouw. De schrijfster had in Israel een gezonde baby gebaard en dat klopte natuurlijk niet; daar zat wat achter. In een stuk vol cliches, insinuaties en vage klachten zette ze Israel als een land neer dat, gebukt onder trauma's, van kinderen krijgen een door de staat aangestuurde militaire operatie heeft gemaakt waarbij niks mis mag gaan en waarbij gewone moeders niks in te brengen hebben. De staat zou veel en gezonde kinderen eisen. Beelden van eugenetica kwamen boven. Brrr, wat een eng land en volkje. Dit schoot een aantal Israeli's en sympathisanten van Israel in het verkeerde keelgat. Men stuurde stukken in, stelde vragen aan de krant en de auteur, maar die gaven geen krimp. Zeker, kranten zijn vrij en ook controversiele dingen moeten gezegd kunnen worden. Maar dit stuk stond niet op de opiniepagina als column maar onder 'jodendom' in "De Verdieping" en bevatte zowel feitelijke onjuistheden als gemene insinuaties.

Hierop volgde verschillende tegenstukken, die echter niet in Trouw werden geplaatst en een artikel van Missing Peace, dat door Honest Reporting werd overgenomen. Vervolgens wijdde de Jerusalem Post er een artikel aan, en dat leidde weer tot een bericht in het Katholiek Nieuwsblad.


Ik ben benieuwd of Trouw nog gaat reageren. Mogelijk verschijnt er alleen een brief van de hoofdredacteur waarin hij zich verdedigt en indirect ingaat op de kritiek, zonder een van de critici zelf aan het woord te laten. Zo deed men dat ook naar aanleiding van de kritiek in 2010 op een artikel dat beweerde dat er geen Joods volk is omdat er geen genetische verwantschap zou zijn. Overigens stond er een paar dagen geleden alweer een negatief artikel over Israel in Trouw, van Dries van Agt.

Men lijkt in toenemende mate slechts oog te hebben voor één kant van het conflict, en één stem aan het woord te willen laten. Niet mensen zo goed mogelijk informeren lijkt het doel, maar mensen hun mening manipuleren en continu een beeld naar buiten brengen alsof Israel niet deugt, een kunstmatige staat is die het moet hebben van Europese schuldgevoelens over de holocaust. Af en toe wordt een tegenstuk geaccepteerd, vaak niet. Maar waag het als criticus niet het a-woord in de mond te nemen, want dan probeer je de vrije meningsuiting tegen te gaan door op mensen hun schuldgevoelens in te spelen.


Overdreven, al die ophef over een artikel, waarin een vrouw haar eigen ervaringen meedeelt? Het ergste vind ik zelf dat Trouw geen tegengeluid toelaat en niet op vragen en kritiek ingaat. Daarmee roepen ze dergelijke acties over zich af, en zoeken critici andere wegen om hun visie over het voetlicht te brengen.





Anti-semitic stereotypes in Dutch paper spark anger



"The chosen people have to be perfect," wrote journalist Ilse van Heusden of childbirth in Israel's health care system.

BERLIN – An early January article in the Dutch Christian daily Trouw sparked criticism in Israel and the Netherlands because the journalist invoked allegedly stereotypical anti-Jewish views and compared the process of giving birth in Israel's health care system to military combat.

Writing in Trouw, or "allegiance," about the birth of her child in Israel, Dutch journalist Ilse van Heusden titled her article "The chosen people have to be perfect."

"To be pregnant in Israel is comparable to a military operation. Countless echoes and blood tests should produce the perfect baby, nothing can be left to the luck of the draw. The state demands healthy babies, and a lot of them, too," she wrote. Van Heusden did not identify in the article the name of the medical center where she gave birth.

According to critics, she used skewed language to bash the Jewish state by militarizing every aspect of Israeli life, and employed forms of Christian anti-Semitic language to attack Israel's right to exist.

Israeli NGO Missing Peace, a watchdog organization that monitors anti-Israeli sentiments in the Netherlands, first criticized van Heusden's article in a report last week on itswebsite. Speaking on the phone with The Jerusalem Post on Monday, Yochanan Visser, the head of Missing Peace and the author of the report, said, "Trouw's anti-Semitic article about prenatal care in Israel is in fact just another example of how most Dutch media demonize and delegitimize Israel."

Visser, an expert on Dutch- Israeli relations, who made aliya from the Netherlands in 2000, wrote in his website report, "Apart from distortions and lies the article contained many accusations and insinuations that are reminiscent of classic anti-Semitic rants."

Visser told the Post: "Since the average Dutchman bases his opinions on the biased mainstream media reporting about Israel, the conclusion is justifiable that the Dutch media are accomplices in the rise of contemporary anti- Semitism. The 'chosen people' article in Trouw should therefore finally trigger a public discussion about the way freedom of speech is misused to bash and demonize the Jewish state and to promote renewed Jew hatred in the Netherlands."

Willem Schoonen, the editor- in-chief of Trouw, denied the article is anti-Semitic, in a telephone interview on Monday.

He said the paper got "loads of e-mails on the story, negative e-mails."

When asked why the readership response was negative, he said for the same reasons of anti-Semitism that are being leveled against the paper. He flatly denied the article is bashing the Jewish state, and said van Heusden wrote about "experiences from a pregnant woman coming from a different background" and dealing with a "new chapter in Israeli society."

"Anti-Semitic reporting is not the way to win a new readership. Certainly for us," said Schoonen, speaking from Amsterdam.

Political and media commentator Tom Gross told the Post on Monday that "by standing by the article the editor of Trouw is on very dangerous ground here."

"He seems to be ignorant of the classic centuries-old anti- Semitic stereotypes about 'the chosen people' and linking Jews to money, and to the blood of Christian children.

"This is particularly disturbing coming as it does in the Netherlands. Contrary to popular myth, Holland had one of the highest levels of collaboration with the Nazis in Western Europe. 75 percent of the country's Jews were murdered, a much higher percentage than countries like Belgium and France."

Visser disputed van Heusden's use of statistics as flawed in order to support her criticisms about child allowance rates, pre-natal care tests, infant mortality rates, and the overall quality of medical care in Israel. When asked about van Heusden's journalistic method of verification and her sources, Schoonen, said "this has not been finalized. I will have to verify the statistics with her."

According to the Missing Peace report, a Trouw reader critical of van Heusden wrote on the paper's website: "Subtle article by the way, it even manages to bring good infant care in Israel in the vicinity of 'eugenics' and thus comparing it to Nazism."

The global media watchdog organization, Honest Reporting, publicized Visser's report on its website and encouraged its readers to file formal complaints to Trouw and comments on the paper's website. The Jerusalem-based group Honest Reporting debunks slanted reporting against the Jewish state.


Palestijnse activist in Gaza neergestoken na kritisch artikel in Ma'an News

De Palestijnse mensenrechtenactivist Mahmoud Abu Rahma werd afgelopen vrijdag door gemaskerde mannen aangevallen en neergestoken bij zijn woning in Gaza, nadat hij op 5 januari in Ma'an News in een kritisch artikel het falen van zowel de PA als Hamas aan de kaak had gesteld. Hij overleefde de aanval.
Over de misstanden op mensenrechtengebied die hij aankaartte, is vreemd genoeg weinig te horen van de vele VN-organisaties die zich met Palestijnse rechten zeggen bezig te houden.
NB: het betreffende artikel op de website van Ma'an is gisteren nog geupdate; onduidelijk is wat eraan gewijzigd is?

UN Watch Briefing
Latest from the United Nations 

Vol. 340 | Jan. 17, 2012


Gaza Activist Stabbed After Exposing Hamas Use of Human Shields

U.N. Must Condemn Latest Hamas Brutality 


GENEVA, Jan. 17 - The stabbing in Gaza of a Palestinian rights activist after he exposed Hamas' contempt for its own people by using them as human shields, and after he criticized the radical Islamic group for torture, abuse and trampling free speech, should be strongly condemned by the United Nations—both as an attack on the victim’s human rights, and on the idea of freedom of expression. 
Masked attackers on Friday stabbed Mahmud Abu Rahma multiple times in the back, leg and shoulders, it was revealed today. 
This latest attack on a rights activist underscores Gaza's brutally enforced intolerance for any discourse other the anti-Israel mantras of Hamas, which rules the area with an iron fist.
The attack only proves the simple truth of the victim's words. 
Abu Rahma's crime was publishing an article in the Palestinian press that dared to criticize Hamas' "outrageous attack upon free expression and peaceful assembly" over the past year, and the "hundreds of cases of torture and abuse."
Abu Rahma also dared to publish basic facts about Gaza that completely contradict the Hamas narrative, and that of the UN's Goldstone Report, which repeatedly found "no evidence" that Hamas used civilians as human shields. 
What is remarkable is that with all of the massive UN resources ostensibly dedicated to protecting Palestinians—the 16-member Division for Palestinian Rights, the 20-odd resolutions on Palestinians last year by the General Assembly, the Human Rights Council's special agenda item on Palestinians at every session, resolutions on Palestinians by UNESCO, the WHO and numerous other agencies, the full-time post of "Special Rapporteur on the Situation of Human Rights in Palestine" held by Richard Falk—still, with all that and more, the world body somehow managed to turn a blind eye to the massive violations of Palestinian rights described by Abu Rahma (click here for source):

• Although Abu Rahma considers Hamas, Islamic Jihad and other terrorist organizations to be “resistance groups,” he said they "show little or no care for people's life and well being.”

• “Military training sites function and are located in places very close to neighborhoods and/or schools, from where acts of resistance, including firing rockets, also occur.” As a result, “The population of these locations are inevitably vulnerable to Israeli attacks.”

• “Numerous people were injured from live fire coming from resistance groups training sites; including children and at least one man who lost his eye.”

• “There is a training site in the town of Beit Lahiya that threatens people every day, including a girl who was injured inside her school when an explosion occurred in this site on Sep. 20 2011.”

• “Explosions also occur frequently in densely-populated areas around Gaza, and have their victims, many of whom are children.”

• A man in the al-Nasser neighborhood in Gaza city, whose house is near a military training site, “complained to the resistance members many times. He explained the family’s fear for their life and house. But he was told the family could move out of the area, even if they had no resources to move. He died the way he feared most: tragically.”

• “The state of carelessness from the part of resistance is also causing continued victims of the misfiring of home-made rockets that fall on houses inside Gaza. Many of the victims are children and all of them are civilians who happen to be in their homes.”

• “There are more victims of shootings from, or explosions in, training sites. Many children are killed or maimed when explosive devices left in the streets or farms explode in their hands. And there is the young man who was shot in the legs for daring to publicly criticize a local resistance leader.”

If the UN's colossal pro-Palestinian infrastructure would have truly done its job and reported the above simple facts about Hamas perfidy to the world's attention, it is fair to ask whether Abu Rahma would have been assaulted for writing his article.
The incident raises serious questions about the ability of the Palestinians to create a democratic state where people feel free to question their government without fear of being seriously injured or killed for doing so.

The attack should be immediately denounced by Navi Pillay, the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights, by Irina Bokova, the director general of UNESCO, the world agency mandated to uphold press freedom, and by Frank La Rue, the UN Human Rights Council's Special Rapporteur on freedom of expression.

The attack is also serious enough for its implications that even the UN Secretary General, Ban Ki-moon, should personally condemn it. 

dinsdag 17 januari 2012

De Egyptische Moslim Broederschap over Joden en Israel


MEMRI heeft een aantal artikelen verzameld over Joden en Israel op de website van de Egyptische Moslim Broederschap. Ten onrechte wordt in Westerse media vaak beweerd dat zij redelijk gematigd zouden zijn, tegen geweld en de vrede met Israel willen handhaven. Uit de artikelen komt een geheel ander beeld naar voren, wat ook al bleek uit het verkiezingsprogramma en diverse uitlatingen van MB leiders. 







January 13, 2012

Inquiry & Analysis Series Report No.785

Antisemitic and Anti-Israel Articles on Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood Website

By: B. Chernitsky* 



The website of the Muslim Brotherhood (MB) in Egypt, Ikhwanonline.com, contains articles with antisemitic motifs, including Holocaust denial and descriptions of the "Jewish character" as covetous, exploitative, and a source of evil in human society. While articles of this tenor have been posted on the site in the past, their posting has recently taken on greater importance in light of the group's increasing strength following the ouster of the Mubarak regime, as reflected by the results of the recent parliamentary elections.

In addition to antisemitic content, articles on the site also include praise for jihad and martyrdom, and condemnation of negotiation as a means of regaining Islamic lands. Among these are articles calling to kill Zionists and praising the September 9, 2011 attack on the Israeli Embassy in Cairo – which one article called a landmark of the Egyptian revolution. Some senior officials in the MB's Freedom and Justice party published articles on the site expressing reservations regarding the peace agreement with Israel and insisting that Egypt was entitled to amend it.[1] Such statements contradict assurances by Freedom and Justice party head Dr. Muhammad Mursi to senior U.S. officials that the MB would honor all international agreements signed by Egypt.[2]

This paper will present excerpts of articles posted on the MB site, dated both before and after the revolution.


MB: The Jewish Character Is Still a Source of Evil in the World

In a June 2011 sermon posted on the website, MB in Egypt General Guide Muhammad Badi' discussed the Jews, their traits, and their actions: "Allah warned us against the deceit of the Jews and their dangerous role in sparking wars: 'Whenever they kindle a fire for war Allah puts it out, and they strive to make mischief in the land; and Allah does not love the mischief-makers [Koran 5:64].' Their hands light the hidden fuse... [and] little time passes before the fire spreads to the field of war, including Islamic lands... The war in Sudan and its division are their handiwork; the internal struggle and war among the Palestinians is [likewise part] of their plan. [For this reason,] the reconciliation between Hamas and Fatah angered them..."[3]

Following the May 2010 Gaza flotilla incident, a writer on the site named Mahmoud 'Abd Al-Rahman discussed "the Zionist Jewish character": "For ages, human society has faced the problem of the Zionist Jewish character. All nations and cultures are in agreement over the nature of the disease intrinsic in the Zionist character... namely sanctification of money, sex, robbery, interest, and treachery... We saw this in pharaonic Egypt, and in the Canaanite, Amalekite, Babylonian, Persian, and Roman [eras].

"The amazing thing is that all the nations dealt with the [Jewish] character in the same manner: by excising this tumor that has harmed all of humanity. We see this disease in the holy books – how the prophets suffered from [the Jews'] treatment. The Torah relates something that no sensible person can understand: in the Book of Jeremiah, Chapter Four, Verse 22, God expresses a desire to avenge His own people, because there is no other option: 'My people are fools; they do not know me. They are senseless children; they have no understanding. They are skilled in doing evil; they know not how to do good.'

"In the New Testament, Jesus calls them a 'brood of vipers' and 'sinners'... The [Jewish] character – both from within and from without – is exposed most clearly in the Koran. Allah has shown us is its secrets...

"We see [the Jewish character discussed] in the texts of the great writers, such as Shakespeare in his characterization of the Jewish merchant Shylock, in his work The Merchant of Venice. The author Charles Dickens provides the most detailed and accurate description of the Jewish soul, its materialism, prodigality, extreme removal from all values, and exploitation of workers and laborers.

"Analyzed psychologically, the Jew is a self-centered individual. He believes that God has not created his equal in the world, that he is the salt of the earth, and that God has given the [other] nations to him as slaves...

"Indeed, the way [the Jews] are regarded today has been passed through the history of the nations. During the pharaonic era, it was written on the tomb of [the pharaoh] Marnephtah, 'The Egyptians have annihilated the Zionists [sic].' An even clearer account is provided in the Tel Al-Amarna letters from the pharaonic era [and in what is related about how the Jews were treated under] Sargon II, king of Assyria, 730 BC; Nebuchadnezzar, [king of Babylon,] 597 BC; Pompey the Roman and Titus after him; the Prophet Muhammad, who exiled [the Jews] from the Arabian Peninsula; 'Omar Ibn Al-Khattab, who exiled them from Jerusalem, and in Medieval Europe. [The treatment of the Jews] was the result of the fact that they were the cause of the calamities [afflicting] the peoples [among which they lived]..."[4]

Against the backdrop of the discussion over Egypt's reconsideration of its peace agreement with Israel, and in the wake of the 2011 cross-border attacks near Eilat, Israel, in which seven Israelis and five Egyptian soldiers were killed, Dr. Muhammad 'Ali Dabour, member of the International Union of Muslim Scholars (IUMS) and lecturer at Cairo University, wrote about the Jewish nature: "Throughout all of history, the Jews have failed to keep their word. They always employ a double standard and act in their own interests, even if it means destroying the entire world... The Koran informs us: 'Certainly you will find the most violent of people in enmity for those who believe (to be) the Jews and those who are polytheists [Koran 5:82].' Allah, may He be exalted, [also] said: 'But on account of their breaking their covenant We cursed them and made their hearts hard; they altered the words from their places...' [Koran 5:13]. Breaking agreements and treaties is easier for [Jews] than drinking water or breathing air. Such are the Jews. Such is Jewish nature. Though they flatter, act hypocritically, and embitter the entire world, we Muslims must not be deceived by them..."

On the exile of the Jews from the Arabian Peninsula, Dabour wrote: "Our Prophet remained beholden to and upheld the agreement [he made with the Jews], but the Jews of the [Banu] Qaynuqa tribe were the first to break an agreement with the Messenger of Allah, as a result of which he exiled them from the city [of Medina]. The same was the case with the Jews of the Banu Nadhir tribe, whose character was that of traitors and scoundrels, considering that they broke their covenant with the Prophet and plotted to kill him... The same is true of the Jews of the Banu Qarayza tribe, who betrayed the Muslims, signing a covenant with the confederates in the Battle of the Trench and causing the Muslims distress.[5] The Prophet besieged [the Banu Qurayza] until they surrendered, and was saved from their wickedness and treachery."[6]

As early as October 2010, Dr. Isma'il 'Ali Muhammad, lecturer at Al-Azhar University, published a series of articles on "the nature of the Jews according to the Old Testament and the Talmud." In one article, he wrote: "It would not be an exaggeration to say that the [Jewish] character is still a source of evil and harm among all human societies... The main reason for the Jews' deviousness throughout history is the ideological and religious background they have handed down and on which they were raised, generation after generation, and which [ingrained] in their hearts the trait of [self-]sanctification and [self-]aggrandizement...

"When one reads the Old Testament, the Talmud, and the ideas born of them such as [those found in] The Protocols of the Elders of Zion, the rulings of the rabbis, and the streams of Jewish ideology, one finds in them an open hostility toward all people. The Jews' deviant behavior is directed at all humanity... The holy ideological sources – according to their belief – permit them to act hypocritically and treacherously, and to unjustly throw to the dogs the lives, property, and belongings of non-Jews."[7]

In another article, he claimed that Jewish tradition taught the Jews to be "so criminal that they are unparalleled in all [other] human societies. It incites them to annihilate the non-Jews and to spread ruin and destruction throughout the non-Jewish world..."[8]

'Ali Muhammad concluded his series of articles with the following message: "The entire world must know the truth about the Jewish character, abominable values, and religious background, so that it can grasp its enmity toward humanity and take all necessary steps to protect itself against its wickedness. We Muslims should [recognize the Jewish character] better than anyone else. There is no doubt that our preparations for war with our enemy must include – if not begin with – recognizing its character..."[9]


Articles on MB Website Deny Holocaust, Accuse U.S. of Fabricating "Tale" of Jewish Extermination

Fathi Shihab, who is responsible for the MB's labor dossier, wrote that the Holocaust was a "tale" which Israel used as political leverage whenever it faced international criticism for its crimes and massacres. He said that "world Zionism" had succeeded in extracting a resolution from the U.N. that International Holocaust Remembrance Day would be marked every January 27, and said: "The entire world, and Germany in particular, have become yearly scapegoats of world Zionism, and have capitulated to the greatest political extortion in history."

He went on to describe the Holocaust as "a tale invented by the American intelligence apparatuses with the Allies' collaboration during World War II, in order to harm the image of their German adversaries and justify the great destructive war against the Axis countries' military and civilian installations – and especially to justify the atomic bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki and the persecution of the defeated countries' military chiefs in Nuremburg and Tokyo's courts.

"The victorious [Allies] operated according to the law of the jungle in trying their adversaries for crimes they themselves had invented. [The Allies] exploited the illegal immigration of millions of Jews from Europe to the U.S. during the war years by claiming they had disappeared in the Nazi prison camps. This was despite the fact that Germany's registry data show that the number of German Jews [prior to the war] was between 600,000 and 700,000, half a million of whom remained [alive] after [the war]. Add to this the fact that the number of Jews who died of 'natural causes, road accidents, and Allied attacks' amounted to several thousand. How [then] can it be claimed that the Nazis killed six million Jews, when there weren't more than 700,000 [to begin with]?...

"Western scientists and philosophers have unmasked the greatest lie in human history. The most famous of these are:

"1.   Robert Faurisson – professor of literature at France's University of Lyon and one of the prominent figures in the stream that reexamined European history. He described the claims that Jews were killed with poison gas as an economic and political fraud...

"2.   Henri Roques – received a PhD from France's University of Nantes; proved that the informer [Kurt] Gerstein, who reported to the Allies on the existence of gas chambers... in fact never saw any.[10]

"3.   Roger Garaudy – in his book The Founding Myths of Modern Israel, he exposed the Israeli claims, exaggerations, and lies, including the tale of the Holocaust and other tales on which Israel has drawn [to justify] its existence...

"4.   Norman Finkelstein – American author who in 2001 published his book The Holocaust Industry... According to him, the claim of the Jews' extermination was exploited by the U.S. to two ends: the first, to justify Israel's criminal policy against the Palestinians; and the second, to justify American support for this policy..."[11]


Lees verder op: http://www.memri.org/report/en/0/0/0/0/0/0/5992.htm