woensdag 23 mei 2012

Avaaz wil geen petitie: nee tegen boycot Israel

De anti-boycot petitie op de website van Avaaz bleek niet in de smaak te vallen bij het leiderschap en is daar gewist.
De petitie is nu door de initiatiefnemer op een andere website geplaatst.
Minister for Foreign Affairs: No to an EU ban on Israeli Goods

Many of you will have signed my petition on Avaaz.org.Sadly today Avaaz showed it true colours and removed the petition as it felt it was against their "Community Standards". Avaaz's behaviour has been anti democratic and biased but we the friends of Israel in Ireland and worldwide must stand together and urge Minister Gilmore and the Irish Government to not seek a EU ban on Israeli goods made in the settlements.

On the 15th May 2012 Eamon Gilmore the Irish Minister for Foreign Affairs suggested he may seek a EU wide ban of Israeli settlement goods.


Israeli settlements are in Area C, Area C of the West Bank under the Oslo Accord was assigned to Israel.Area A and B was given to the Palestinian Authority to control.
If Minister Gilmore wishes to seek a boycott of Israeli settlement goods,We seek an EU wide boycott of goods made in Western Sahara which is occupied by Morocco,Indonesian goods made in West Papua New Guinea and Chinese goods made in Tibet

We urge Minister Gilmore,Minister Creighton and the Joint Oireachtas Committee on Foreign Affairs not to seek a boycott of Israeli goods ,instead they should look to build bridges between various communities in the Middle East.
Singling out Israel will not secure a lasting peace.


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