dinsdag 19 november 2013

Correspondente in Jeruzalem vraagt om onderwerpen


Erger je je ook vaak aan de eenzijdige focus van de media wat betreft het Israelisch-Palestijns conflict? Zou je willen dat er meer reportages kwamen over Israelische hulp aan Palestijnen in ziekenhuizen, over samenwerkingsprojecten en hoe Israelische technologie en know-how ten behoeve van de Palestijnen wordt ingezet? Of wil je weleens wat lezen over de mensen achter de programma's op de officiële PA tv waarin kinderen tegen de Israeli's en Joden worden opgehitst en deze als bloeddorstige monsters worden neergezet? Zou je willen weten hoe het toch kan dat met Europees en Amerikaans belastinggeld Palestijnse terroristen in en buiten de gevangenis een maandelijks toelage krijgen uitbetaald? Wil je kortom ook weleens wat van de andere kant lezen of horen? Stel dan je vraag en stuur hem op naar Emily Harris (zie link hieronder). 





NPR correspondent in Jerusalem asks for story ideas. Send her some!




From NPR's Emily Harris earlier this month:


Before I moved to Jerusalem to cover Israel, the West Bank and the Gaza Strip, I asked friends and acquaintances what they wanted to know about these places.

Everyone knew something about the long-running conflict, the repeat political players, and the ancient religions and the historic significance of the land. But people had plenty of questions, too.

A sixth-grader asked me to find out what had happened to a Palestinian boy he'd seen in a documentary. That led to this story and convinced me that the combined curiosity of many is a lot more powerful than me on my own.

So, I want more questions.

What do you wonder about Israel or the Palestinian territories? About the food, the fun, conflict, changes, history, habits?

I can't promise everything you ask will turn into a story, but if it does I will let you know. (And I might come back and ask you a question about your question.)

Please click here to tell us what you're wondering about. Please include your contact information. Or put your question out on social media with #whatiwonder.


So what stories should we sent Emily?

Should she interview the children who are in official Palestinian Authority TV videos who are calling Jews "barbaric monkeys, wretched pigs"?

Maybe a report on the PA giving high paying jobs to convicted murderers?

Perhaps a followup with the family of Asher and Yonatan Palmer? along with the news that stone throwers can and do kill people?

Or an interview with the couple who were attacked with a Molotov cocktail recently?

Maybe a feature on the Temple Mount Sifting Project, with information about how priceless antiquities were destroyed by the Islamic Waqf and UNESCO has nothing bad to say about it?

Maybe a lighthearted piece on how many times Mahmoud Abbas threatened to resign.

Or an interview with Arabs who work happily in Israeli-owned stores in the territories.

Poor Emily seems to be running low on ideas. She needs some help.



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